Body Balance

I’ve just got back from an evening Body Balance class which I absolutely loved and boy does it put you in a good mood! For the lovely American people across the pond, I understand that it’s called Body Flow. Either way it’s a class from the Les Mills collection and it’s super chilled. I particularly love the meditation sessions at the end – there’s nothing quite like a group meditation!

I haven’t been in a very, very long time and it showed. My strength and flexibility really struggled. I normally try and go with my Mum but I had a bit of a personal revelation earlier (a post for another time perhaps) and felt like some quiet reflection time by myself, exercise style! So, what I’ve learnt is that I need to regularly attend a class if I want to keep the benefits up.

Another thing I learnt today is that puffed buckwheat on its own with milk makes for a very bland breakfast indeed. Does anyone have any quick-to-make healthy breakfast recipes? Or, some ingenious ways to liven up buckwheat?!


Ok, so the truth is that I did sprinkle in some dark chocolate raisins and a sprinkling of cinnamon but the raisins sank right to the bottom so I couldn’t really taste them. The raisins seemed to like it though!


Yep, so I’m that person who takes photos of smiling raisins now.

Amy xx


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