1st Dec

It’s the first day of December today, how did I not realise that?!

I’ve struggled to get into the festive spirit so far this year but I feel like now with less than a month to go, I could be well and truly ready to give in to it! It helps scouring through the internet reading all the engaging lifestyle blogs as the writers prepare themselves and their homes for the season ahead. There are so many creative and talented bloggers out there, I love reading and feeling like I’m a part of their community (even the exotic American ones!) and it really rallies my spirit of the season.

It was flipping over the calendar onto the December page that made me twig that it’s upon us.

This was both a blessing and a curse; as excited as I am that December is now here, it also means I have one month left to say goodbye to my favourite-ist ever “Goats in Trees” calendar!


Amy xx


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