Good morning one and all!

I realise that phrase is just a little bit futile when I don’t yet have any followers but hey, one can remain optimistic!

Before I head out to start the day on this bright(ish) December morning, I wanted to pay tribute (and thanks) to a brilliantly informative post that I came to find myself reading last night about the in’s and out’s of starting a new blog.

It’s by the UK super blogger, The Londoner and, although it dates back to 2013, the content is so helpful and the article is such a fascinating read that I wish I’d looked at it prior to starting this blog in the first place.

The article itself (and the whole blog in its entirety) is, in my opinion, a prime example of what makes for an exciting and engaging read. There’s always some gem of wisdom to be taken from her posts and it’s one of those blogs where, the second you’ve navigated to the latest page and get a feel of the story she’s telling that day along with the vibrancy and brightness of her photographs you feel an immediate pang of excitement!

My photography skills are right now, nowhere near up to scratch but one day I aspire to have a series of photos to accompany each post to a level like that.

Anyway, here’s the particular article I was referring to. Go take a look;

And to the very talented blogger herself, a big thank you from me for the topnotch advice!

Amy xx


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