Christmas To Do List

I can’t believe how quickly the big day is approaching.

In planning terms, I’m so far behind compared to where I was this time last year. It could be in part due to the fact that I’m in the gradual process of moving in with Tom. He’s having his bathroom redecorated soon so there’s no point me moving in right now as we’d keep having to dart back to mine to shower so I’m currently in a bit of a state of limbo always packing a bag to stay between my flat and his (not to mention that I’m also packing from time to time anyway with the travelling that I’m doing for work).

This has led to some question marks over whose flat we should decorate for Christmas but I think it makes more sense to us both to do his as we’ll most likely be spending more time there.

Anyway, by this time last year I’d already foraged in the forest for the perfect stick to make Tom a 24-present “advent stick.”


Let’s just skip the fact that he nearly bought the wall down when we went to hang it.

I really need to start getting organised so here’s my run down on the essentials (and some non essentials, but fun!) things that I need to get done before the big day;

1)Purchase and write Christmas cards. Has anyone seen any particularly nice ones this year? I’m thinking of picking mine up from a charity shop.

2)Select and purchase wrapping paper and bows. Despite getting some serious inspiration from my trip to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas Exhibition last week, I’ve still not chosen my colour scheme. I love this though! Stag heads seem to be all the rage this year. Last year we got all our wrapping paper from Ikea. I thought it looked quite nice actually.


Here’s a picture of the amazing wonderland that was the Ideal Home Show. I would’ve put a picture up of my friends and I enjoying ourselves but I haven’t even told them that I’ve started a blog yet, let alone asked them for permission to use their photos!

3)Write gifts to buy list and actually get cracking on the shopping! I’ve actually already sent out my Christmas wish list for the year to my family (they ask me for it every year and we all send one out – I’m not just being spoilt!!) You can check out what’s on my wish list in a later post that I plan to put up soon.

4)Annual trip to one of the local garden centres to soak up their gorgeous displays and array of decorations.

5)Purchase the Christmas Radio Times TV Guide and circle or highlight everything worth watching in the holidays. It usually follows that we never actually get round to watching ANY of it but the planning is still a fun thing to do!


Looks like it’s out in the shops tomorrow and Shaun the Sheep is this year’s cover star 🙂

6)New tradition for this year; we want to have a go at making our own booze after finding this delicious recipe for Bramble Rum in the Waitrose Magazine. I have NO idea when we’re going to find the time to make this but if and when we do I’ll keep you posted as to how we got on!

7)Download a festive playlist ready for my 10k Christmas Eve run. This has become a bit of a tradition that I first started the year I was training for the Marathon. I love getting down to the beach at twilight and nodding my hello’s to the other joggers and passers by. Everyone is in high spirits and it gives me a chance to have some quiet reflection before the frenzied hectic-ness of the next few days really kicks off. This year Tom is talking about us both going for an early morning jog on Christmas Day!! Not sure how I feel about the prospect of him out running me on the big day itself. Oh and note to self: don’t forget to move the festive tunes OUT of my running playlist at the end of December to avoid Mariah Carey’s Christmas song cropping up on shuffle during a jog in mid June.

8)Finish (and start!) my homemade mystery Christmas gift. Last year we (actually, I) decided that our family should take up the challenge of producing one homemade gift for another member of the family. We all picked a name out of a hat and whoever we chose was the person we would make for, up to a £5 limit for materials. Unfortunately I TOTALLY forgot that I’d initiated this idea until late November so now I’ll have to knock something up in the next few weeks. I wasn’t the only one who forgot, some people had already completed theirs but some others had forgotten too and requested to drop out. To make it fair, I’ve suggested that “make-a-gift” becomes an optional competition whereby those of us who do take part can win a prize if theirs is voted the most creative! If and when I get round to completing mine, I’ll post it on here (along with who my lucky recipient was!)

9)Sort out a competition prize for Number 8 – any ideas? It needs to be family friendly as the winner could either be an adult or a child. I was thinking of a restaurant voucher or something?

10)Decorate the flat! We’re planning on getting our tree tomorrow. Exciting!!

11)Get hair, make up and fancy outfits sorted for the party season! Money’s a little tight this year so it may be a case of making do and glamming up what I already have. I’m sure I can stretch to the odd glittery nail varnish or lipgloss though (or 2… or 3?)! I’m also super excited to have a hair appointment booked in at the brand spanking new Lush Hair Lab on Monday evening for a cut and treatment so watch this space on my report of the experience!

12)Start having an early think about some 2016 New Year’s Resolutions. Doesn’t hurt to have good intentions huh?! Although it would help to get a plan together for what to do on New Year’s Eve first!

I’m off to watch Jingle All the Way now. I’m told that it’s some of Arnie Schwarzenegger’s best work – how have I gone this long without seeing it?!

What’s on your holiday to do list?

Amy xx





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