Look at the State of my Uggs!


Actually, that photo doesn’t do the stains justice.
I got them Christmas Day last year and by Boxing Day they were already soiled on the tips like you can see in the photo. Nobody told me that you need to get them specially treated before you go out a-marching on a rainy day. Oh well, at least they look rustic I suppose?
I’m sat here waiting for my Coeliac/Celiac blood test. As much as I loved the weekend it was a struggle at times feeling so weird from all the gluten I had to digest prior to the test. It would have been more manageable had the discomfort not been at its worst at night which really made it hard to sleep and thus the knock on effect is that I’m super tired.
I’m pretty convinced that this test will come back negative. This would of course be good and it’ll be great not have to go through a stomach biopsy.
Is it bad that I’m secretly hoping that when the results come back they DO reflect Coeliac or at least a gluten intolerance? I’ve decided that whatever the outcome, I’m going to cut-back on gluten or wheat regardless. It’s ironic; in my ignorance I always thought that a gluten-free lifestyle was just for far out “hippies.” Now I have total sympathy.
What are you up to this Monday morning? 
Amy xx

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