Quick Fix Nesquick

Maybe it’s a little too early to be talking alcoholic beverages at this time on a Tuesday morning? On the other hand, is it ever to early to be planning ahead for the weekend’s cocktail treats? NO.

So there we go.

Around about this time last year, I posted this photo on Facebook.


Bizarrely and somewhat unexpectedly I was then inundated with folks commenting to ask for le recipe. I will tell you, dear friends (friend – still just the one follower) what I told them.

This concuction came about when we were in a particular mood for Baileys. It’s rare that this craving will occur for me, normally I find it sits quite heavy but nonetheless on this occasion Baileys was what I was wanted and so Baileys was what it had to be. Except it didn’t.

We hadn’t any in the house, EVEN THOUGH it was December (what?!). Who doesn’t have this immediately to hand on a cold December’s eve?! Well, us. But that was fine because it allowed me to flex my creative cocktail muscles, aka throwing together anything I could find lying around and the result, in my opinion, was a VERY surprising success. Simple as this, we just poured out the below all up in a Champagne glass, yo (’cause we’re fancy), mixed and sipped. Lovely! I’m not a 2 parts this to 1 parts that kinda girl. Ratios aren’t my thing, or numbers in general in fact (I can BARELY tell the time) so I’d recommend you do what we did and just mix and sip, mix and sip until you get the flavour (and alcoholic percentage!) that’s right for you.

Nesquick (chocolate)

Milk (obviously), or maybe Almond Milk for a nuttier taste and thinner consistency

Martini Bianco

And then of course a fancy straw (makes everything taste better).

Amy xx


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